"No grasping forceps necessary!"
                                    K124 Knight Suction Ligator Set, angled down
K123 Knight Suction Ligator Set, angled up
        K122 Knight Suction Ligator Set, angled straight
(Each set includes 100 "O" Bands)

McGivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator

K109   McGivney Ligator Set - 1 ea Ligator 8" w/cone
                                                      1 ea McGivney Grasping Forceps
                                                      1 box "O" Bands (100 ea)

K109-6 Same as above, but Ligator is 6" w/cone

   Billingham-McGivney Ligator Set

K119 Billingham-McGivney Ligator Set - 1 ea Ligator w/cone 8"
                                                                           1 ea Billingham Grasping forceps
                                                                           1 ea box "O" bands (100 ea)

Ligator 8" w/cone                           K110-6  Ligator 6" w/cone
K112   McGivney Grasping Forceps       K113 Billingham Grasping Forceps
K112-R  McGivney Grasping Forceps-Reversed
K111    Loading cone, only                       K108  "O" Bands (100ea)

K121  Hemorrhoidal Band Cutter

St. Mark's Deep Pelvic Retractor

A. K5245-XL   11" (280mm) length w/Lip, tip Angled 15º down where blade narrows.

B. K5249          9"  (230mm) length w/Lip, tip
Angled 15º down where blade narrows.

C. K5245          7" (128mm) length w/Lip

D. K5245         
7” (178mm) length, narrow version tapers to 3.5cm w/Lip

***All hand retractors are offered with Fiber Optic Light Stems. Add "FO" to the end of the catalog number for pricing and ordering.***

Wylie Deep Pelvic Retractor

A.  K5247      7" length
B.  K5248      8" length

St. Mark's Perineal Retractor

Self-retaining retractor, with towel pegs fitted to swivel rake blades.

J. Hugh Knight
Instrument Co.
"We Serve Your Surgery "

Products and Services
Order Sets or individual Instruments
Specialty Retractor Blades and Sets for
The Knight Retractor System
Jordan-Knight Perineal Retractor Set 

                         G1074-BW    Retractor Ring, segmented              
                         G1075-BW    Retractor, 3 Prong                                 
                         G1076-BW    Retractor, 4 Prong                    
                         G1077-BW    Retractor, 1 Prong                    
                         G1078-BW    Right Angle Retractor, 1"         
                         G1079-BW    Richardson Retractor, small, 1" x 1
                  G1009-BW   Knight-Goulet Retractor, small, 1 1/4" x 1"

      Yu-Holtgrewe Malleable Prostatic Retractor Blades
                   G5001-YH     2 1/2" x 7" with Balfour Handle 
                   G5001-YHB   2 1/2" x 7" with Knight Handle 

Walther-Knight Perineal Radical Prostatectomy Retractor

    G1061-BW     Perineal Ring, oval, ang. 25* 
    G1062-BW     Lateral Malleable  Retractor 1"
x 4
Rectum Blade, Malleable 1
1/2" x 4" 
     G1064-BW     Notched Anterior Malleable Retractor, 1
1/2" x 4" 

Loughlin-Knight Malleable Retractor Blade Set with protected edge:

G1070-BW    Malleable Retractor Blade 3.5 cm. x 10 cm.
G1071-BW    Malleable Retractor Blade 3.5 cm. x 13 cm. 
    G1072-BW    Malleable Retractor Blade 3.5 cm. x 15 cm.

General Surgery Blades
G1006-BW    Knight-Mayo Blade 2 1/2" x 2 1/2
G1015-BW    "Baby" Harrington Retractor, 1 1/4" x 5"
G1009-BW    Goulet Retractor, small, 1 1/4" x 1" 
G1010-BW    Goulet Retractor, large, 1 1/2" x 1 1/4
    Knight Malleable Retractor Blade

   G1011-BW     2" x 12"
   G1012-BW     1" x 9" 
G1014-BW     2" x 9" 
G1016-BW     3" x 12" 
G1017-BW     3" x 9" 
G1018-BW     5" x 9"
G1034-BW     3" x 10" 
G1035-BW     4" x 12" 
G1036-BW     6" x 12" 

    Knight Malleable Retractor Blade w/ protected edge

    G1040-BW    1" x 4" 
G1041-BW    1 1/2" x 4" 
G1042-BW    1" x 5" 

Billingham-Knight Rectal Retractor Set

G1024-BW    Rectal Ring, slotted, 9" diameter 
G1020-BW    Fenestrated Retractor, angled, 7 cm. length 
G1023-BW    Solid Retractor Blade, angled w/ teeth 7 cm. length
Rifenbery-Knight Renal Vein Retractor
    G1031-BW    1" wide x 7" deep 
G1032-BW    1" wide x 5" deep 

Woltering-Knight Malleable Abdominal Wall Retractor

    G1007-BW     3" x 10" wide, 6" deep 
G1008-BW     2" x 10" wide, 4" deep 

     G1085-BW Knight-Simpson Handle Adaptor for all BookwalterTM style Retractors
*Bookwalter is a registered trademark of Codman-Shurtleff*
G1073-BW Jordan-Knight Right Angle Retractor 1 1/2" 

G5005-BW  Carroll-Knight Malleable Prostatic Retractor Blade
    1 3/4" width spreads to 3 1/4" width, 7" length

G1068-BW Brooke Perineal Retractor with the Knight Handle 

K1550  Bihrle Foley Catheter Cleat 
    Designed to fit the Knight Ring

K1545  Olumi Apical Prostate Retraction Clamp 
    Used to facilitate retraction or tension on the prostate during
    radical retropubic prostatectomy. Designed to fit most retractor    systems.

Radiolucent Rifenbery-Knight-Wylie Vein Retractor

Radiolucent Retractor Blades for Anterior Lumbar Fusion (ALIF)

These Retractor blades are designed to facilitate retroperitoneal exposure. These Retractor blades can remain in position during X-Ray.
     G2031-BW         7"
       G2032-BW        8"
       G2033-BW        9"

Specialty Instruments for the
Urological Surgeon